An Early Review of the Nikon D5200


Nikon D5200 Review

This Nikon Offers Significant Improvements to an Already Superb Camera

To improve on the D5100 was always going to be tough, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that the Nikon D5200 has smaller improvements over it’s predecessor than the D3200 does over the D3100.

Nikon D5200 side on

However the improvements that this DSLR does offer do put the camera onto a different level. The 24 MP sensor is quite remarkable and is an actual improvement of about 25%. This means that you will be able to enlarge or crop your images, or manage with smaller lenses, without losing quality on your final image. Nikon also suggest that this sensor will improve the dynamic range.

The Expeed 3 processor has been tested in the D3200 and has proved itself to be fast, reliable and great for color reproduction and clarity. It has also slightly improved the Live View feed.The Nikon D5200 boasts a 39-point AF system, inherited from the D7000 system. This increased frame coverage makes the AutoFocus system more accurate and better at tracking moving subjects. The 2MP RGB sensor is also taken from the D7000 and gives better light metering and feeds into the Auto Scene Recognition System (ASRS) to enhance exposure, AF and white balance. Nikon claim that the ASRS is now more precise and able to track better.

For videographers, the frame rates have been revised to include 60i and 50i as well as  30p, 25p and 24p.

It is slightly smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor, but still feels good in hand. Nikon have kept the vari-angle back screen which has been so popular with the D5100 users and avoided making it touch sensitive.

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The D5200 is a grown-up enthusiast DSLR camera with plenty of functionality and high quality options. The file size, processor and AF points will please most serious photographers, for whom the D5100 was starting to look jaded by progress. The AF will also please movie makers, who will benefit from the built-in stereo Mic and the Frame rate upgrades. The competitive price is superb and makes this a very attractive camera. I foresee this being a big seller for the manufacturer, pushing others into a distant second place….

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