Is Nikon about to launch a V2?


Nikon slash the price of a V1 CSC


Nikon V1 cameraI know this site is really about the D5200, but it’s worth while keeping an eye on what Nikon are doing with their other products. The CSC market is one of the hottest at the moment – all the major players have thrown their hats in and the fighting is fierce – Panasonic trying to maintain their dominance and the others pushing to catch them. Even so, when a manufacturer nearly halves the price of their flagship camera, that’s news. Is there going to be a Nikon V2 coming out soon? Or is this a massive push to move stock for Xmas?

Prices are down from $899 to $445 for a body and 10-30mm lens.

Take a look at a full Nikon V1 review here

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