Is the D5100 About to be Discontinued?


News arrived yesterday that Nikon Germany have sent out an email to retailers that the Nikon D5100 is “Abkunigung” which sort of means “no longer available”.

We are a little surprised by this as we had resigned ourselves to the D5200 coming out in spring 2013, but perhaps Nikon are going to try to catch the Christmas rush after all.

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4 thoughts on “Is the D5100 About to be Discontinued?

  1. someone

    Hey ye can’t wait into the d5200 comes out can’t wait i would be getting it maybe it’s going to be 30MP :-D Haha i hope so i would so be getting it :-)

  2. Timothy

    Wow. Great news. I also hope D5200 will hit the internet by dis spring and markets – in summer. Now it would be shame to buy D5100, when almost a year have passed. D3100 got renewed in only 8 months. So lets hope D5100 wil get it soon too.


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