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Check out these great accessories to go with your new Nikon D5200

We Check prices regularly to make sure we are the lowest around. If you can find cheaper, from a reputable supplier, then buy it!

Ok, so you buy a Nikon D5200.....What next? Well, with a top quality camera, you need to have top quality gear. With file sizes this big, it really does matter if your lenses are poor, or your flashgun is ancient. Take a look at some great kit to accompany your new camera and help you become the photographer you have always wanted to be.

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       US General lenses                                                             UK General lenses

       US Sports lenses                                                               UK Sports lenses

       US Lenses by Price                                                           UK Lenses by Price

       US Studio lights                                                               UK Studio lights

       US Flash guns                                                               UK Flash guns

       US Battery Grips                                                             UK Battery Grips

       US Tripods                                                             UK Tripods


The Nikon D5200 is Nikon's latest entry-level DSLR and has enhanced video capability. It has superb image quality, good color saturation, fantastic detail and great versatility in video. So it is really important that your kit is good enough to help you take advantage of the D5200's abilities. 

Nikon's lenses are second to none and we have some great offers here. We have split the lens lists in to category and also price. Check out our manual for advice on which lens is right for you. And whilst the D5200 has a reasonable built in flash, a serious photographer needs a good flash gun and probably a set of lights. If you intend to shoot anything in low light or on long shutter speeds a tripod is essential. Finally, give yourself longer between re-charges with a battery grip. If you want any advice about the equipment here, or anything about the Nikon D5200  contact us here. 


If you are looking to buy a Nikon D5200 but are still unsure, check out our blog and other pages that are full of information, tips and advice for this splendid DSLR. We also have a YouTube channel where we show you the settings, scenes and other features on this excellent camera.

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