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Nikon Tripods

Keep your new camera rock steady

When you decide to buy a Nikon D5200, choosing the right accessories can seem quite daunting. Of course, no photographer has too many lenses, then there is a good flash gun, battery grip, filters, studio lights... the list seems endless. A good tripod, however, is a necessity rather than a luxury, especially if you want to take full advantage of this camera's capabilities in low light, or shoot videos. This page shows you the extensive range of tripods available to you when you purchase a Nikon D5200. In fact, you may decide you need more than one. These days you can buy specialist tripods for table-top work, that have bendy legs for greater photographic flexibility, interior work, more robust ones for exterior work and tripods with special swivel heads for video work. You might also want to think about getting a tripod with a removable monopod that is built in. This is available for many tripods, but not all. They also come in a range of price brackets. You can get a decent table tripod for about $60 and a good one, like the Polaroid all terrain tripod, for about $80. These are small, tough tripods ideal for close up work and macro photography. You can by a reasonable standard tripod for about $100. Remember, it is worth getting one with a carry bag - it keeps it tidy and portable. You can get a tougher, professional standard tripod for prices beginning at around $120, but remember, you will have to carry it around. If you don't need a heavy tripod, I would suggest you buy a cheaper standard tripod. I have a very light Cullman Tripod that I use inside and out. Whilst it does limit how I can use my camera, convenience and portability win the day as far as I am concerned. Finally you might want to get a good video tripod. These can be expensive, but worth the money if you want to ensure you get smooth panning shots. Whilst prices can exceed $1000, you can get a very good one for about $300 or so. If you buy a Nikon D5200 with video in mind, it would be worth getting a tripod with a spirit level in the head. The Amazon lists below are split into these categories: Tabletop, Standard, Outdoor and Video.

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Tabletop tripods for Macro photography




General Tripods

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When you buy your camera, decide what you want to use it for before getting your tripod. Also try it in hand for a while. if you are considering buying battery grip, get that first if you can. Once you have carried your D5200 around for a while and decided how you want to shoot you will be able to choose the right tripod for the job. Finally, it may be worth getting a second head plate with your tripod. They are very easy to lose and suddenly you can't use your tripod!!!

Tabletop Tripods


Standard Tripods


Outdoor Tripods


Video Tripods


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