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Great Studio Lights for your D5200

When you buy a Nikon D5200, studio work is no longer just a dream....

We have all dreamt of having a studio somewhere, haven't we? Once it was almost impossible, but these days, with relatively cheap lights and a little imagination, it is easier than ever. Buy a Nikon D5200, buy a set of lights and live your dreams.

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Of course it helps if you can find somewhere to use as a permanent or semi permanent studio space - a garage or loft are often ideal, provided you can keep unwanted light out. The reason photographers work so hard to exclude natural/variable light is so that they can control lighting conditions themselves. When buying lights you will have to decide whether to get continuous or strobe (flash) lighting. Continuous lighting comes in two kinds – tungsten or fluorescent – and the choice is largely a matter of personal taste. Tungsten lights tend to glow with a warmer light and so give a ‘reddish’ result which can be great for skin tones and natural looking images. Fluorescent lights have a more blueish tinge and give the sort of light ideal for pack shots or realistic still lifes. They tend not to emit so much heat as the tungstens.

Any light can be corrected with white balance (when you buy a Nikon D5200, you can set the white balance according to the lighting system or to the specific lighting conditions you are facing), but ideally you want to work with the lighting rather than trying to compensate against it all the time.

Here are some good lights to start off with:

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Bowens lighting equipment is used and trusted by professionals around the world and photographers on every continent are using Bowens products. They continue to design and distribute the most innovative and advanced studio lighting systems available today and claim to offer something for every photographer from amateur enthusiasts to professional commercial studios. If you buy these when your buy your Nikon D5200, you know you will be getting quality.

Bowens Gemini 500 Pro 2 Monolight Kit, with 2 Gemini 500 Ws Gemini 500Pro Monolights, 2 Light Stands

Price: $1819.00

Bowens Gemini 1000 Pro, Gemini 1000 Watt Second Monolight

Price: $1167.99

Bowens Gemini 500R/500R Studio Kit (PocketWizard Compatible) with Two 500 watt Second Monolights, Um

Price: $1149.88

Bowens XMS500 500W Pro Studio Monolight

Price: $1099.88

NEEWER portable OCTAGON studio softbox Bowens Mount 95cm / 37.4 inch

Price: $999.99

NEEWER portable softbox with grid Bowens Mount 90 X 90cm / 35.4 X 35.4 beehive

Price: $999.99

Bowens GEMINI 400Rx 2 Head Monolight Kit - with Umbrellas, Stands, Lamps, Reflectors, Kit Case

Price: $899.88

Bowens Gemini 500 PRO, Gemini 500 watt Second Monolight

Price: $837.99


Price: $813.88

Westcott Skylux LED Studio Light

Price: $799.90

Bowens Large TravelPak System, Includes Control Panel, Large BatteryPak and Carry Case with Shoulder

Price: $736.88

Isotopes in the Earth Sciences

Price: $625.78

Bowens Portrait Lighting Accessory Kit with Softbox, Grids and Gels.

Price: $601.88

Neewer 600W GN87 HSS Flash Strobe Light for Canon DSLR Camera, with 2.4G Wireless Trigger

Price: $595.00

Savage 2000W Location LED Light Kit

Price: $584.99

RPS Studio RS-SR300DK 600 Watt / Second Portable 2-Monolite Lighting Kit with Tripod + Cleaning Kit with RPS STUDIO USA Warranty

Price: $509.95

Elinchrom Litemotiv 120cm Parabolic

Price: $509.00

Bundle RS-SR300DK 600 Watt / Second Portable 2-Monolite Lighting Kit with 2 Strobes & Reflectors - Camera Flash Light, 1 Softbox, 1 Umbrella, 2 Stands, Infrared Trigger & CaseShow More +

Price: $504.00

Bowens Lightlift Pantograph, Short Drop, with 5/8 Spigot, 2-Springs & Safety Cap for Hi-Glide Rail System

Price: $439.99

Bowens Lightweight and Portable Ringlite Converter for Bowens Monolights and Flash Heads with S-Ty

Price: $390.88


INTERFIT LIGHTING SYSTEMS also have an excellent reputation for quality lighting products. They tend to be cheaper than Bowens, but are reliable and pretty sturdy none-the-less. Ideal for those who buy a Nikon D5200 and then decide to give the studio a try.

[cjwizard]interfit -HD -backpack -speedlight,60,3655512+,150,,,,,,,,,[/cjwizard]

Interfit S1 500ws HSS TTL IGBT Studio Flash Strobe Monolight with additional S1 Monolight + Tripod + 3 Umbrellas + 5 Reflector Disks + Backpack + Kit

Price: $1429.99

Interfit S1 500ws HSS TTL IGBT Studio Flash Strobe Monolight with TTL Remote + Tripod + Light Stand + 3 Umbrellas + 5 Reflector Disks + Kit for Nikon

Price: $849.99

Interfit S1 500ws HSS TTL IGBT Studio Flash Strobe Monolight with TTL Remote + Tripod + Light Stand + 3 Umbrellas + 5 Reflector Disks + Kit for Canon

Price: $849.99

Interfit S1 500ws HSS TTL IGBT Studio Flash Strobe Monolight with Tripod + Light Stand + 3 Umbrellas + Kit

Price: $749.99

Interfit Photographic STR200 Strobies Pro-Flash 180 W/s Flash Kit with Li-Ion Battery Pack, 4.5 Reflector and Diffuser, Tilts -15 to 90deg.

Price: $359.99

Comp Cams 943-16 1.550 Inter-Fit Valve Springs

Price: $351.62

Comp Cams 955-16 1.550 Inter-Fit Valve Springs

Price: $349.19

Comp Cams 944-16 1.575 Inter-Fit Valve Springs

Price: $349.19

Comp Cams 951-16 1.630 Inter-Fit Valve Springs

Price: $343.19

Interfit Photographic INT303, Large Flexilite 5 in 1 Reflector Panel Kit, with Boom Arm, C Stand, Eccentric Cam & 59 x 79 Reflector

Price: $324.95

Interfit Photographic INT158 Stellar Tungsten Twin Reflector Kit, with Two Lights, Spill Kill Reflec

Price: $239.84

Interfit INT502 F5 Two-Head Fluorescent 2 Light Kit includes 2 F5 Fluorescent Lamp Heads, 2 Soft Boxes, 2 Light Stands & 10 INT042 Lamps

Price: $197.99

Interfit Master Giant Collapsible Backgrounds - Black

Price: $164.25


Price: $156.99

Interfit Photographic Strobies Modi-Lite Accessories Kit, Color Carton

Price: $152.99


Price: $139.59


Price: $137.99

Interfit LEDGO 160 LED Bi-Color On-Camera Video Light

Price: $129.99

Interfit EZ-Lite 2 Head Kit - 500 W - 5300.3°F (2926.8°C)

Price: $128.95

Interfit Photographic Italian Series 10' x 20' Cotton Background Cloth with Matching Draw String Bag, Carrara White

Price: $126.95


ELINCHROM LIGHTING SYSTEMS are another solid brand of lights for the studio. When you buy a Nikon D5200 you can feel spoilt for choice. But we always recommend that you start off with just two lights until you get the hang of it....


Elinchrom EL 10287 Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed As Set/A HD Reflec Varistar 2XBAT Case

Price: $2959.99

Elinchrom Digital 2400 Rx Power Pack, 2400 watt seconds

Price: $2149.99

Elinchrom EL 20493 Ranger Ringflash 1500- 1500Ws

Price: $1589.99

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Ringflash EL20495

Price: $1544.99

Elinchrom BRX 500/500 SOFTBOX TO GO Softbox Photographic Lighting (EL20749.2)

Price: $1429.99

Elinchrom EL28000 Indirect Litemotiv Octa 190cm / 75

Price: $1420.00

Elinchrom EL 20757.2 250 500 BRX Kit Multi Color

Price: $1299.00

Elinchrom 190cm 74.80 Litemotiv Octa Softbox

Price: $1299.00

Elinchrom Zoom Spot Light Attachment for all Standard Flash Heads, 18? - 36? Angle.

Price: $1059.00

Elinchrom EL 20613.1 Compact ELC Pro HD 500 Multi Color

Price: $964.00

Elinchrom Digital Style 300RX 300 Watt/Second Monolight (120VAC)

Price: $884.99

Elinchrom Zoom Pro Flash Head, 3000 ws

Price: $823.99

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid with Lithium-Ion Battery

Price: $799.00

Elinchrom EL 24082 Flashtube for Zoom Pro HD Digital Pack Head Clear

Price: $711.50

Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Hybrid with Lead Acid Battery

Price: $699.00

Elinchrome 59 inch Deep Inverse Octa Hybrid SoftBox

Price: $619.99

Elinchrom RQ Ringflash ECO with Removable Diffuser

Price: $613.99

Elinchrom EL10430.1 Quadra Living Light Set

Price: $599.00

Elinchrom Style 250 BRX Multi-Voltage Compact Monolight Flash Unit, 250Ws Energy

Price: $589.99

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