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Nikon D5200 Battery Grips

Grips will help you get more from your DSLR

The D5200 is a splendid new camera that has helped Nikon to dominate the entry-level category for the DX DSLR market. It uses the same En-EL14 battery that fitted into the D5100. In general, it seems to get a longer usage time out of a single charge. However, using the live-view option - particularly if you are shooting video - can really eat up the charge. The obvious solutions are to either buy a second battery, so that you can change as necessary, or buy a battery grip which will allow you to run two batteries in tandem and so extend your usage time.


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Because the Nikon D5200 is the same size as its predecessor, you can fit a D5100 battery grip to this new camera and, because the D5000 series have been around or a few years, you can even get some pretty good third party Grips.

When you fit the battery grip, you will need to remove the door to the battery compartment. This does look quite fiddly and, of course, nobody wants to break a new camera, but in fact it is quite easy to remove provided you have the door at the right angle....



The other advantages of using a battery grip, apart from getting longer usage between recharging, are that you have a second shutter button which makes it easier when you are shooting portraits. Also, the battery grip adds some significant weight to the camera body. This actually helps to stabilize the camera even if you have a long lens on it. The prices of battery grips do vary, but you can pick up a decent one for under £50. They are well worth considering if you want to shoot videos or cover long-lasting events like sports matches or weddings.