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Nikon Flashguns sales page

Sunpak PZ42X 

The Sunpak PZ42X Flashgun supports the TTL light control system for the latest digital Nikon SLR cameras (i-TTL and D-TTL). The unit is compact and lightweight and offers easy and simple operation via the LCD display. Main features include a bounce and swivel head, switchable focal length display between APS-C and 35mm, manual control over power output and a seven step EV adjustment (+/-1.5EV). Powered by four AA batteries, the unit recycles in around 3.5 secs. Cost £109


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Nikon SB-400 Speedlight

Ideal for photographers who want to keep things simple, the Nikon SB-400 really couldn't be any easier to use. There's no LCD status panel or onboard controls, although you can still select modes such as red-eye and slow sync via the camera, or apply flash exposure compensation. Although small, the SB-400 is nevertheless well made, with a metal mounting plate and a solid feel. In keeping with the downsized build, the flashgun runs on two AA batteries, rather than a more conventional four. Also like the Sunpak, there's a full 90 degrees of bounce, but no swivel. Cost £120


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Nissin Di866 MkII Speedlite Pro

 This is a very competent flashgun at a reasonable price. Although fairly basic, It offers wide functionality like variable speed repeating strobe bursts and full wireless master/slave operation with other Nikon or Nissin flashguns. You are actually getting two flashes for the price of one - it features a secondary, smaller fill flash strobe on the front, which is very useful for supplying direct flash when you're bouncing main flash head. The Nissin Di866 is a very likeable and easy to use model. Unusually, it has a color LCD information panel which makes for easy navigation around the advanced menu choices. The Recycling speeds from full-power flashes are respectable, though significantly slower than the Nikon SB-700 (below) and there can be a tendency to underexpose slightly in i-TTL mode. Cost £115


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Sigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun - Nikon Fit

 The Sigma EF 610 DG ST Flashgun - Nikon fit flashgun features a powerful guide number of 61 and TTL automatic flash exposure control for easy operation. The auto-zoom function automatically sets the optimum illumination angle in accordance with the lens' focal length in a range from 24mm to 105mm. When the built-in Wide Panel is used, the flash can cover the angle of 17mm. For bounce flash, the flashgun head can be tilted up by 90 degrees, to the left by 180 degrees, or to the right by 90 degrees. It can also be tilted down by 7 degrees allowing ease of use for close-up photography. In addition to automatic mode, the flashgun also features a manual flash mode, making it possible to set the flash power to full or 1/16. When the flashgun is fully charged, a confirmation 'ready' light will be emitted and the flash exposure level can be checked through the camera's viewfinder. Other features incorporated into this flashgun include the Auto Power-Off function to help save battery power. Cost £120



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Nikon SB-700 Speedlight Flashgun

The Nikon SB-700 is probably the best Nikon Flashgun around at the moment - even compared to the more expensive SB-900. Whereas the SB-900 could be seen as the sporty speedster (with all the fickleness that suggests), the SB-700 as a far more reliable, though more sedate, family saloon. One main advantage it does have over the SB-900 is a thermal protection function, which simply slows down the rate of fire instead of locking you out. Whilst not cheap, this comes as a good package, a stand for mounting the flashgun on a tripod for remote firing, a diffusion dome and two colour filters. The Nikon SB-700 is can be used as either a master or slave in wireless multi-gun situations where it works extremely well. The SB-700 is a really good general-use Flash and whilst the maximum power is modest, at GN 37, it is enough for most tasks. It includes a choice of three different illumination patterns for standard, centre-weighted or 'even' lighting. Cost £230




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