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When you buy a Nikon D5200, studio work is within your grasp

buy a Nikon D5200 and then get some studio lights

We have all dreamt of having a studio, haven't we? Somewhere we can experiment with light and colour...and perfect the craft of photography. Once the cost made it impossible, but these days, with relatively cheap lights and a little imagination, it is easier than ever. Buy a Nikon D5200, buy a set of lights and CREATE.

Of course it helps if you can find somewhere to use as a permanent or semi permanent studio space - a garage or loft are often ideal, provided you can keep unwanted light out. The reason photographers work so hard to exclude natural/variable light is so that they can control lighting conditions themselves. Once you have decide to buy a Nikon D5200, why not splash out and get the lights too? When buying lights you will have to decide whether to get continuous or strobe (flash) lighting. Continuous lighting comes in two kinds – tungsten or fluorescent – and the choice is largely a matter of personal taste. Tungsten lights tend to glow with a warmer light and so give a ‘reddish’ result which can be great for skin tones and natural looking images. Fluorescent lights have a more blueish tinge and give the sort of light ideal for pack shots or realistic still lifes. They tend not to emit so much heat as the tungstens.

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Any light can be corrected with white balance (when you buy a Nikon D5200, you can set the white balance according to the lighting system or to the specific lighting conditions you are facing), but ideally you want to work with the lighting rather than trying to compensate against it all the time.

Here are some good lights to start off with:



buy a nikon D5200 and then get this Interfit INT182 EX150 Mark II Two Head Kit if you have just bought your Nikon D5200 and don't really know where to start, This is a really good kit for beginners. The DVD which comes with it gives some great tips on setting up. The lamps don’t last too long, but apart from that, they are pretty reliable and have a sturdy feel to them. As with all stands, you need to make sure they are firmly in position. It isn’t supplied with a carry bag, which could make storage fiddly. Cost £220




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Interfit INT456 Stellar XD 300 Two Head Softbox / Umbrella Kit

Buy a Nikon D5200 and then buy this Interfit INT456 Stellar XD 300 Two Head Softbox Umbrella Kit This kit gives out twice as much power (300 watts) and so allows you to get much more creative with your new Nikon D5200. The units are pretty sturdy aluminium. The softbox and umbrella combination kit is ideally suited for portrait and fashion work or more detailed product photography. The units also feature fan cooling which keeps the flash capacitors and circuitry at the ideal temperature. It also has an improved mechanism, Auto Power Dumping and Auto Modelling Lamp Dimming (only during flash exposure). Cost £555



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Elinchrom D-lite IT 2/4 Umbrella kit

Buy a nikon D5200 and then purchase this Elinchrom D-lite IT 2:4 Umbrella kit This kit consists of 1 D-Lite 200 IT and 1 D-Lite 400 head, stands, and umbrellas. It is worth noting that the light power is asymmetrical and can sometimes be a problem to balance if your studio is very small. They are quite light and portable and the cases are pretty tough. Recycle time is fast – on reduced power the ready delay is almost non-existent. These units also have built-in fans, which means that they won’t overheat when using softboxes or over extended use times. This kit comes with a cut-down version of the Skyport trigger, which is useful, especially if you don’t already have a wireless trigger set. These multi-voltage D-Lite IT’s are targeted at photographers who do portraiture, still life, product and architectural photography. This is ideal for you when you buy a Nikon D5200.Cost £525



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Bowens Gemini 500R Pulsar Tx Twin Head Kit

Buy this Bowens Gemini 500R Pulsar Tx Twin Head Kit when you  buy a Nikon D5200This is the sort of lighting kit used in professional studios throughout the country. It is very sturdy and well made. The new twin-dial power control system allows adjustments in either full stops or 1/10th increments and so offers the accuracy of digital controls and precision adjustments. If you buy a Nikon D5200 and know a little bit about lights, then this kit will be perfect for you. The Pulsar Tx Kit (Tx Transmitter and Rx Receiver Card) lets you to operate the lights without the need for a sync lead from up to 25m away, which is really handy for fashion or shoots where both you and the subject need to move around. Cost £1,130



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