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Should you buy a Nikon D5200


Should you buy a Nikon D5200?

Should you buy a Nikon D5200? Nikon D5200 digital camera with standard lens

Buying a new camera is a big decision, not least because it is quite a big ticket item. If you buy a Nikon D5200, you will also be tied into other Nikon products, like lenses and Flashguns. Nikon produce great quality kit, although it can be expensive. But I think buying this DSLR is worth serious consideration. Launched in the States in January, every photo enthusiast in America had already seen the D5200 and examined its features ( it was launched in Europe and Asia at the end of 2012). This could explain why there was not a huge buzz that accompanied the launch of other cameras like the Compact System Camera updates, the J3 and the S1, or even the sibling Nikon D3200 last year. However, the D5200 is a superb camera that can produce high quality stills and astonishing HD video. It was recently rated higher than the Nikon D3200 by DxOMark and was only a few points behind Nikon’s Pro cameras.

Nikon have furnished their DSLRs with different sensors from different manufacturers. The D5200 has a brand new 24MP sensor, supplied by Toshiba. As a result, nobody knows how well this sensor can perform yet, but it is assumed that it will be even better than the similar Sony sensor in the Nikon D3200. Certainly the D5200 gives quite splendid color saturation and clarity. The sensor produces a 68MB file, which will satisfy almost any requirement, and the Expeed3 processor –  which has already proved itself to be very quick and efficient in the D3200 – it quite at home in the D5200. It has also inherited a couple of excellent features from the D7000 – the 39-point Auto-focus system – up from the 11-point Auto-focus system in the D5100. This gives you much greater accuracy when focussing and is especially useful for shooting landscapes. The D5200 also has the D7000′s metering system, which gives makes the exposure settings far more accurate and takes it into the realm of professional cameras (in fact DxOMark place the D5200 only a few points behind the professional Nikons the D3x and the D4). It has also upgraded the internal Mic from mono to stereo which produces very good sound for videos. There is a side port which allows you to attach either a GPS receiver, or a WiFi connector, so that you can receive and transmit with your computer. It can also be used as a remote control for the camera, even operating the Live-view option. Nikon have worked to address some of the criticism directed at the D5100. For example, there are now two customizable buttons on the camera that give you the chance to to change certain parameters instantly, rather than find the settings in the menus.

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Of course, if you are considering whether to buy a Nikon D5200, you will need to have a look at the alternatives. The main rival to the D5200 is the Canon T4i. Out for over a year, the 18MP files aren’t as impressive as they once were, but it is a superb camera and, like the D5200 is designed for both stills and video. Like the D5200, the T4i also has a an articulated viewing screen which canon have made a touch screen. It is fair to say that opinion is divided on the value of the touch screen option, but Canon loyalists insist that it is an extremely useful feature and much quicker for navigating the menus.

You might also like to look at rivals closer to home. The Nikon D3200 and D7000 are both in the same entry-level category as the D5200. The D3200 was launched last year and also has a 24MP sensor. This file size blew the opposition away at the time and that, combined with the great picture quality and the very competitive pricing, has led it to dominate its class. However, it has a poorer build quality and no articulated back screen which is becoming a requirement for those who want to seriously shoot video. The D7000 is probably going to be replaced this year and that is reflected in current prices. Only offering a 16MP file size, it seems to be a poor relation in that area. However, there are many photographers who are not dazzled by the file size debate and see other qualities in the D7000, like the internal motor (for older lenses), the tough magnesium alloy body, twin memory card slots and 6FPS burst speed. Not flash or up to date, the D7000 still holds a place in the hearts of the Nikon stalwarts for its reliability and ruggedness.

Other things to think about if you are wondering if you should buy this digital camera are the accessories. The Nikon lenses are second to none and there is a healthy second hand market for them. If you do buy a Nikon D5200, get the 18-55mm kit lens or, if you can afford it, the 18-105mm lens. They will give you some great flexibility for shooting video and stills. Make sure you buy a decent memory card and, if possible, a tripod – as you may be enticed by some of the scene options that require a slower shutter speed. If you are still unsure, I would advise that you to find a good camera shop and ask to pick one up and see how it feels in hand. I have seen many new cameras over the years and I don’t think that the D5200 is revolutionary or the next technological leap forward. It is however an excellent performer across stills and video, in different lighting conditions and quick enough for action photography. So, should you buy a Nikon D5200? Well, I have.

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An Early Review of the Nikon D5200


Nikon D5200 Review

This Nikon Offers Significant Improvements to an Already Superb Camera

To improve on the D5100 was always going to be tough, so perhaps we shouldn’t be too surprised that the Nikon D5200 has smaller improvements over it’s predecessor than the D3200 does over the D3100.

Nikon D5200 side on

However the improvements that this DSLR does offer do put the camera onto a different level. The 24 MP sensor is quite remarkable and is an actual improvement of about 25%. This means that you will be able to enlarge or crop your images, or manage with smaller lenses, without losing quality on your final image. Nikon also suggest that this sensor will improve the dynamic range.

The Expeed 3 processor has been tested in the D3200 and has proved itself to be fast, reliable and great for color reproduction and clarity. It has also slightly improved the Live View feed.The Nikon D5200 boasts a 39-point AF system, inherited from the D7000 system. This increased frame coverage makes the AutoFocus system more accurate and better at tracking moving subjects. The 2MP RGB sensor is also taken from the D7000 and gives better light metering and feeds into the Auto Scene Recognition System (ASRS) to enhance exposure, AF and white balance. Nikon claim that the ASRS is now more precise and able to track better.

For videographers, the frame rates have been revised to include 60i and 50i as well as  30p, 25p and 24p.

It is slightly smaller and lighter than it’s predecessor, but still feels good in hand. Nikon have kept the vari-angle back screen which has been so popular with the D5100 users and avoided making it touch sensitive.

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UK Deals for the Nikon D5200 Here

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The D5200 is a grown-up enthusiast DSLR camera with plenty of functionality and high quality options. The file size, processor and AF points will please most serious photographers, for whom the D5100 was starting to look jaded by progress. The AF will also please movie makers, who will benefit from the built-in stereo Mic and the Frame rate upgrades. The competitive price is superb and makes this a very attractive camera. I foresee this being a big seller for the manufacturer, pushing others into a distant second place….

It’s Here! The new Nikon D5200 is launched at last.


Nikon Launch their new Flagship entry level DSLR camera in Paris

Nikon d5200 DSLR camera frontToday Nikon launched the Nikon D5200 DSLR to coincide with the Salon de la Photo Fair in Paris. It’s main features are:

  • 24.1-MP DX-format CMOS sensor: pushing the D5XXX series up to the same level as the D3200 and significantly bigger than Canon’s offering of 18 MP on their T4i/650D model.
  • Vari-angle monitor:  The D5200 conitnues this great feature that has been very popular with D5100 fans. It’s flexibility means that you can view your shot whilst holding the camera at any angle.
  • Nikon D5200 DSLR camera screen
  • Inspire yourself with D-Movie: Improved video recording on the Nikon D5200 allows you to record up to 60i and record on the internal stereo Mic ( the D5100 has external stereo socket). SWM ( Silent wave Motor ) lenses will allow you to shoot video whilst keeping autofocus on moving subjects with no audible noise.
  • Wireless Mobile Adapter WU-1a: share images directly from the camera to a smartphone or tablet that runs on Android or iOS*, or control the camera remotely via your device.
  • EXPEED 3: This camera inherits another success from the D3200. This fast and powerful image processing engine has been excellent, providing quick, clear images with superb color reproduction, and enhanced movie recording.
  • High ISO (100-6400, extendable to 25600 equivalent): The D5200 keeps the same ISO range as it’s predecessor.
  • 39-point AF system: This is a more advanced AF system to boost performance.
  • 2,016-pixel RGB metering sensor: deliversprecise metering for exact exposures and sends data to the Scene Recognition System, which optimizes auto exposure, autofocus, and auto white balance.
  • Effects mode: create distinctive photos and movies using a range of special effects, including Selective Color and Miniature. You can view your chosen effect in real time as you shoot.
  • 5 fps continuous shooting: A small increase in the burst speed, but the D5200 should satisfy most photographers
  • D-Movie AF modes: Live view autofocus works as you shoot movie clips. Keep subjects in sharp focus with full-time servo AF (AF-F). Relax and let the camera keep track of your subject with subject-tracking AF or face-priority AF.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range): HDR has become a very popular style recently, the D5200 will capture two shots with different exposures and combine them automatically.
  • Active D-Lighting: retain the details in both dark and bright areas when you shoot images in strong light, or in backlit situations. Ideal for photos of moving subjects.
  • 16 scene modes: capturegreat shots just by selecting the mode that matches the subject or situation you’re shooting. Scene modes optimize settings like shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, which is ideal if you want to quickly capture perfect shots or are new to D-SLR photography.
  • High-resolution LCD: see every detail of your photos and movies thanks to thehigh-resolution 7.5 cm (3.0-in.), 921k-dot vari-angle LCD monitor with wide-viewing angle and high contrast ratio. Compose shots or apply special effects with clarity whether you’re shooting indoors or out.
  • Wireless remote control: Nikon’s WR-R10 and WR-T10 wireless remote control devices are optional accessories that let you control key camera functions from a distance, even if there are obstacles between yourself and the camera. Ideal for shooting self-portraits, these devices can help prevent camera shake during shutter release.

We are currently going through all the specs to give you a full report. Come back later and check it out!