The D5200 is getting cheaper


Nikon D5200 prices drop

The best entry-level DSLR is getting more competitive

buy a Nikon D5200 front with screenThe Nikon D5200 only fully launched in January and already the prices in the UK are dropping, making this highly rated DSLR even more competitive. Nikon have really taken the entry-level category apart with their successive launches of the D3200, D5200 and, more recently, the D7100. Canon, their main rival have responded by launching the Rebel T5i (If you can work out the difference between the T4i and the T5i please let me, and the rest of the world, know).

When launched, the D5200 was selling at  priced at £650/$800 for the body and £720/$900 for the body and lens kit. In just a couple of months, the prices have dropped down to around £550 for a body in the UK which suggests that the prices in the USA will soon follow.

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However, I don’t think that they are going down because the camera isn’t selling well. After all, this DSLR has had some superb reviews, especially from the likes of DxOMark, who have rated it higher than the newer D7100 and only a few points short of the Nikon fully professional cameras. I think that the manufacturers are aggressively targeting the entry-level market because they see they enormous potential there. The technology available now to the amateur/enthusiast is so good that I think Nikon see this selection of DSLR cameras as the corner stone of future expansion. The file 24MP sensors produce such astonishing results, both for stills and for video, that it is doubtful that customers will be looking for anything better for a while. With Canon only offering 18MP in their T5i/T4i, Nikon believe that this advantage will work in their favor for a couple of years. This gives them the ideal opportunity to attract point-and-shooters who want to move up and also the disillusioned Canon user.

Nikon D1 digital cameraProfessional photographers have seen this sort of seismic shift before. When Nikon launched the F series of SLRs, they were the best cameras around as far as the Pros were concerned. Their dominance lasted until Canon brought out the revolutionary EOS system cameras in 1987. Professionals migrated en masse to Canon and your couldn’t give Nikon gear away. Finally Nikon caught up and released the D1 in 1999 and, again the Pro’s changed allegiance. But it took 12 years of hard work to make them think seriously about buying Nikon cameras again. I think Nikon are hoping for a similar shift in the enthusiast market. If they can attract the enthusiast with great quality and technology, they have a great chance of keeping them locked into their lenses and accessories (and why not? Their lenses are superb). That is the main reason why the Nikon D5200 prices are dropping….

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