The new Nikon d5200 DSLR is to be announced next week


Rumor has it that the new Nikon D5200 will be announced on November 6th, in Paris.

If that is true, it is just possible that they could be in the stores by Christmas, though realistically, most of us won’t receive it until the new year.



Something to look forward to…..

5 thoughts on “The new Nikon d5200 DSLR is to be announced next week

  1. Rohit

    I’m really havnig a hard time choosing this one. The Tokina 24/2,8 in manual Nikon-F mount is currently my all-around widest lens and therefore I cannot relate to it as a minor lens, at all. Then there is the Tamron 17-50/2,8 in Pentax mount doing a superb job as my standard walk-around lens on my K20. Even the first seen as a bit flimsy lens shade just doesn’t seem to get loose after short of 3000 actuations with it on the camera. Lens hoods losing their posture is another story with my Pentax 55-300 and these otherwise well-made el-cheapo kit-lenses really. But when it comes to feeling good with some piece of gear in the hand: Kino Precision 70-210/4.5 manual focus automatic aperture sliding zoom that actually made me go Pentax rather than Canon just because it was there waiting to be used. Handling-wise it is not so easy-going as a modern lens. Shooting with manual focus on cropped frame in dim light is a bit of a challenge tbh. Any cheap AF-lens will handle with less hassle and produce just as good a picture if not better. Another thing to consider: good modern lenses don’t rotate their filter-threads when focusing. But this heavy metal feel of this nicely damped mechanical beast is just something different in a good way!My pick: Kiron 70-210/4.5(although I only to use this with respect and time to spare)


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