The Nikon D5200: Price and Reaction


Nikon Have scored a Hit with the D5200

The new Nikon D5200 has been welcomed by most Nikon enthusiasts, with some minor reservations

Two significant pieces of news about the new Nikon D5200 – firstly that it won’t be launched in the US Until the second week of January 2013, though it will be in stores around the rest of the world from 6th December 2012 and that Pre-orders are available from the big retailers in the UK. The Nikon D5200 body will be priced at around £720, while the D5200 + lens will be about £820.

This Prices the Nikon D5200 between the heavily discounted D5100 ( around £350 for a body) and the Nikon D7000 (RRP £1000)

Nikon have released some D5200 test images, some of which are here:

test shot from the Nikon D5200

Highlighting 21point dynamic area AF ©Nikon

test shot on the Nikon D5200 at ISO 6,400

At ISO6400 © Nikon

test shot on the Nikon D5200 showing 3D tracking

Highlighting 3D tracking © Nikon

shot on the Nikon d5200 showing image quality

Highlighting Image Quality ©Nikon

You can see more here

USA Deals for the Nikon D5200 Here

UK Deals for the Nikon D5200 Here

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Comments have been mixed on the forums, some commentators are suggesting that the D5200 is really just a mash up of the D3200 and the D7000 and whilst superficially they have a case, I think they forget that the D5100 is widely accepted and an excellent camera. The Nikon D5200 is built on that excellence and incorporates a new ( Nikon emphasize this) 24MP sensor, the Expeed3 processor which came out in April with the D3200 and a metering system and 39-point AF system which has only been available in much higher spec – and much more expensive – Nikon bodies.

Other comments have questioned why this camera has an external WiFi option rather than internal (I guess it can be upgraded if it is external), though it is accepted as a good thing as a user can then capture an image remotely which can be then transferred to the smart device over a wireless connection and then you can immediately transfer images to family and friends, or upload them to blogs or social networking sites, anywhere and at any time. The WiFi Mobile Adapter Utility app can be downloaded free from the smart device’s app store

Another obvious realization around the forums is that, with files getting bigger, lenses are going to become more important. One writer reminded us that these large files have the potential to save money on the really big lenses

” One point that’s often overlooked. These very high resolution sensors are game changers regarding telephoto photography. If for example, a D800 image taken with a 300mm f4, is cropped to 9mp, the lens has an equivalent focal length of 600mm at f4 and the image retains a reasonable amount of resolution. This saves a lot of weight and several thousand pounds.”

Generally speaking, users are satisfied with the small increase in burst speed, (from 4PS to 5FPS), though many would have preferred the Nikon D5200 to have a smaller file size and a faster burst:

” If they would use EXPEED3 with 16 mpix sensor, they would have 7.5 fps already.”

Over all, I think Nikon have done a lot to improve on the D5100. I think the file size and new processor pushes the Nikon D5200 ahead of all its rivals, including the Canon Rebel T4i. And whilst the metering and AF points are taken from the D7000, the D7000 is a superb semi-pro camera. My only disappointment is the lack of an internal motor.

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