Will the New Nikon D5200 be Launched in September?


Rumors are circulating that Nikon are due to announce new products towards the end of August in time for the prestigious Photokina show in Cologne starting September 18th 2012. One of the launches could be the new Nikon D5200. It makes sense: there is no point launching before then, as the world will be watching the Olympics and the German trade show is perfectly positioned to launch a product into the Christmas market. Whilst it is thought that Nikon will also present some new lenses and possibly a new 1 series camera, surely a new D5200 would be the main talking point. After the huge technological leap made from the D3100 to the D3200, our expectations are high…..

2 thoughts on “Will the New Nikon D5200 be Launched in September?

    1. JBayston


      I don’t think anyone outside of Nikon knows for certain at the moment, but it would stay within the current D5100 price range, which at full price is around £650/$900 for camera and lens and £500/$650 for the body only.


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